Monday, October 10, 2011

Can't resist this

If you knew someone who just said they were pregnant, they've got this big 'ol belly and everything.  But you just happen to see them sit down, and see that the round belly suddenly collapses and almost bends in half, what would you think?  Fake belly or some crazy flexible baby?

I just saw the video below of Beyonce and it's weird.  Go to the 58 second mark or so and you see her sit down.  Her round stomach folds and collapses then pops right back to a round belly once she sits and leans back.  I'm confused because my stomach never did anything that strange and I've never witnessed a pregnant belly that size do anything like that before.  I have rolls, always have, and they didn't go from perfectly round belly to roll to perfectly round again as I was sitting down. They were obvious rolls until they finally got smoothed out once my uterus reached the size of Pluto.

I've seen on a few websites that there's this pesky rumor it's a fake stomach, because she got really big really fast and that either she's pregnant and wants to appear bigger or she's using a surrogate and faking being pregnant.  I'm not a fan, I'm not a hater either, so I can't say I've seen a lot of pics of Ms. Beyonce building up to the belly she now has.  But this video makes me wonder if these weird rumors are true.  And if they are, why?  Why fake the belly Beyonce?  If they aren't, woman you gotta explain how your stomach did that cause I'm worried about your unborn child.


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