Monday, October 03, 2011

Stranger still

Since starting couponing, it's followed me around even in my dreams.  I'd be walking up and down the isles finding all sorts of crazy deals and then I'd get to the register and the lady would say 'all $3000 worth is absolutely free' and I'd squeal and jump for joy...then wake up and go damn why couldn't that have happened.  Only to shut my eyes and do it all over again.

But last night was well different.

I dreamed of Scotty McCreery, you know who he is right?

He's like 17 with a voice that makes me go aaahhhhh (by the way how insane is it that he sounds so similar to Josh Turner).  I could listen to him all day long, talking or singing I don't care.  He could read me the damn phone book and I'd be happy.  Deep voices are my cryptonite and his is really nice.  But he's a baby, a cute one but still a baby and well it's like Taylor Lautner you just feel icky thinking anything sexual about someone so young.

Imagine how icky I feel after having a dream that I was making out with this kid.  OMG.  Seriosly.  I don't know how I was supposed to know him or anything other than I was lying on a couch kissing him and he was saying some very dirty sweet nothings to me.  It was a hot and very fun dream.

Then I woke up and was all eeewwwww totally grossed out.  I was in puberty when he was born!  He's younger than my oldest niece, and she's a BABY.  What the hell is up with my imagination?!?!

Please tell me you have a dream that's worse?  Cause right now I'm almost afraid to turn on my radio, I'd rather not hear him today after some of the things I 'did' to him....

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