Friday, September 30, 2011

When couponing turns to nightmare

It went a little something like this:

Me - Ma'am I found these bags of rice listed for $.97 in a Wal-Mart ad but the price on the shelf says $1.08.  Can you price match that for me?
Evil old lady - Where did you see that ad? (she then scans one bag to tell me the price that I'd just gave her)
Me - It was listed on a Wal Mart under a dollar ad that I saw online.
Evil old lady - I can't price match online prices (she then grabs a laminated sheet with the words 'we don't accept online prices' on it)
Me - I understand that but this was listed for Wal-Mart, not another store. It was on (I gave the website)
Evil old lady - I can't price match an online price see! (She waves the sheet at me) And that website gives us a lot of trouble because it's never right.  (sometimes the price is wrong so I let it go)
Me - Ok, well then I'd like to put these back then  They aren't all for me and I'm not sure the others want this price instead.
She grabs the 6 bags from me, credits the one bag she scanned while repeating she can't price match it and was acting really grumpy.
Me - I need to count these sponges, I should have 16 and I'd hate to have the wrong number.
Evil old lady - You only have 14 (hatefully)
Me (I find the missing two under the dog food) - Oh here they are, got covered up sorry.  (She gives me a hateful look and says hmmph)
Me - I found these nail polishes for $1.87 at Target.  There was no price tag on the shelf so I don't know if the price is the same.
Evil old lady - Where did you find them? (picking up all 8 angrily and ringing up one, the price was $2 and something)
Me - At Target.
Evil old lady - You know I have to enter each one seperately to change the price right? (hatefully)
Me - No I didn't realize you had to do it that way, I'm sorry.
Evil old lady - Next time you need to bring the flyer or proof of the price difference (as she roughly punches numbers)
Me - Oh well I thought Wal-Mart policy says I don't have to have an ad, I'm sorry but I didn't bring it.
Evil lady reaches behind her and picks up another store's ad and slaps it on the conveyor belt causing the nail polish to fall over and roll - I need one of these or I can't price match. (She did price match them)
Me - Ok, next time I'll remember to do that then. (Except the policy states that no ad is needed)
Evil lady - How many of these did you get (all were in a sack by this time)
Me - There should be 8
Evil lady - No you have 9 (she grabs them out of the sack and sure enough there's 8, but then we had a good 5 minutes of her trying to figure out what she did wrong and then fixing it, all the while acting as if it were my fault)

When I handed her my coupons she moaned and humphed like saying 'you've got to be kidding me'.

On the sponges she told me it was wrong, because the price of the sponge wasn't $1 like the coupon said, and I explained it's $1 off for every two.  She let me have the deal, ha ha.

On the nail polish she tells me the coupon can't be used because it's not the same polish, so I showed her that the coupons says ANY of that brand and she says 'oh well how about that' rudely.

Then I tried to pay and the damn card machine, which I'm going on a limb to say they all hate me since it's rare one works for me, wouldn't read my card.  I was like oh hell no I will leave all this shit here if it doesn't take it, I'm not dealing with this woman any longer (my purse with my checkbook were in the car).  I asked her if she could swipe it on her side and she did and it worked thankfully.

All that while trying to keep my 2 year old from messing with things on the shelves or running away.  It was awful.

The woman made me feel like I was doing something terrible by buying what I did, and for not buying the rice, and then when the coupons came out it was like I was trying to do something illegal. What the hell?  I feel bad for being mad at her, I mean she's old and I have a soft spot for old people, and she's just trying to do her job correctly, but this lady made my shopping trip terrible.  I was nice and polite the entire time and apologized for making her job harder, and she was rude and grumpy, but she did do one price match.  I however missed another price match and had to pay full price so I didn't save much this trip.  Damnit three times.

Not a fab day, but now I have nail polish to cover Jocelyn's girly fetish and lots of sponges that should last me a while.


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