Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I've made my decision

I want a raise and here are my demands:

Mondays, I'm allowed to sleep in as late as I desire and I don't have to drive Bailey to school in the morning.
Tuesday, I'd like Henry Cavill to bring me coffee wearing nothing but that smile...and everyone else must leave the house for the whole day.
Wednesday, is my night off, nuff said.
Thursday...Henry Cavill again...ok lets just make him a daily treat shall we?  He's my flavor of the month.
Friday, Jeffery Dean Morgan brings my coffee, Henry my breakfast and Paul Walker can fluff my pillow....again everyone not listed must leave the house.

I don't think that's too much do you?  I mean I am a driver, cook, nurse, lawyer, judge, maid, teacher, librarian, vet, comedian, etc... oh and porn fluffer wife.  I deserve some perks.

What would be your list of demands??


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