Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Premature but I don't care

I've been doing a lot of prepping and background stuff for the novel I'm writing, trying to get into the mind of my main character.  For a very long time now, all my focus and attention writing wise has been on building up her world so I could see it better, but I couldn't for the life of me write more in the story.  Until last night that is.

For the past two weeks I literally would get scenes flashing in my head at random times.  Like brushing my teeth and I get a killer argument scene, so awesome and emotional for me I had tears in my eyes for a few minutes and completely stopped brushing.  I refused to write these scenes down, I know bad bad Nikki, but whenever I tried I'd stare at a blank page for hours.  Then last night I couldn't take the itch to write anymore and bammo wammo, I could write.  I can't say it's staying or that I'm in love with it but I got it whatever it was, and the next chapter flowed out of my fingertips with relative ease.

I've done enough scene ideas and chapter summaries without much writing, that it was a natural progression.  I finally had my dots connected, which has been a huge issue for me since the beginning of this writing journey of mine.  If things go the way they are right now, and I have my dots correctly aligned thanks to the prep work I've done, I'm guessing I'll be past my dreaded Chapter 5 mark of doom.  I have to say, I'm slightly giddy by that and I'm almost afraid to even say it.  There's only one book I've ever written that got past that part and it's only because it was a diary of sorts.  This is a HUGE step for me so if I can manage to get beyond Chapter 5, manage to keep going and get ever so closer the The End, then I've found my magic button to help me write.

Premature? Yes.  Exciting?  Holy fuck nuggets!!!

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