Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On the road to somewhere

Hey! How are ya?  Been kinda sporadic lately huh, sorry about that.  If you read my blog, you should know by now that I'm kinda like that anyway, technically this isn't a new development.  I'm just not talking to you about it.

I've been nice and busy with my writing, which has got me all perky and upbeat.  YEEEHAAWW!  See?  Kinda scary I know, try being in a room with my right now.  You'd run away, screaming.  There's also reading for LE that I've been trying to catch up on, which has taken up the remainder of my time.

Can I just say that if this was my profession I'd be one hell of a happy girl?  I've been rather busy with these two adventures and it's been way too much fun for me.  Oh dishes, can't you see I have something more important to do?  Go the frick away!  They sadly don't, but that's fine.  We can eat with our fingers, no biggie.

So if your wondering what the crazy lunatic is up to, that's what.  That and giggling and dancing around the house and scaring the poo out of my kids and husband....maybe I should film that and share, it's rather entertaining for me.

Oh and stay tuned, I get to interview an author this month on the phone no less!  I'll be telling you all the deets soon, promise.

MWUAH to all.

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