Friday, November 18, 2011

Only a week to plan, yeah I can do that....maybe

Why don't we have Thanksgiving at our house this year? - Bo asked me this morning as he was marking stuff on the calendar...

Wait what?!?!

This year seems to be an off year in our family concerning holidays.  Normally we go to 3 or 4 houses in 1 to 2 days, it's chaotic and so so stressful.  But this year everyone has new plans and we'll only be attending his mom's.  I find this normal, as that's the number of houses I visited each holiday growing up, but for Bo this is strange and a bit sad.

I get it, in fact I understand why he wants to have our own this year and am totally up for it.  I however can't help the sinking feeling of OMG I have never done anything like this before...can I even pull it off?

There's only 4 of us, and I know I don't have to go all out and make 20 sides and 10 pies/cakes.  But what's Thanksgiving without traditional sides?  Why bother calling it that if you don't have the familiar 'faces', you know?  At least we'll have enough food to last us all week...

I have a feeling that the giant, almost full bottle of Vodka in the freezer is going to finally be gone.



Lianne said...

I'd start today, and freeze the dishes you can, so you can just re-heat them on Thanksgiving. Good luck, hon!

middle child said...

Thanksgiving? One house. One gathering. That's it! And I also believe the same for Christmas Day. That is what I consider normal. Take Care!