Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So um...yeaaah

If anyone missed the interview with Nancy Gideon and are curious about what went down, you can download it and listen to it here, just scroll down to the bottom half of the page, it's at the top of the list.

Let me see if I can explain how yesterday went properly.  One, I felt pretty bad with the sinus pressure and by the afternoon dizziness had kicked in.  Two, Bailey was still sick and Jocelyn is cutting her back teeth as well as sniffy and snotty herself, aka cranky kids.  Three, about 5pm Bo sends me a message saying a server has died and since they don't have a backup of this particular server, they'll have to build it somehow to get by for the time being and that could take anywhere from an hour to 3 or more.  Which would, more than likely, mean he would be getting home after the interview started.

So not only did I feel poorly, with two kids feeling poorly, made dinner half assed (that we didn't eat btw), I'd be putting them to bed alone and holding out hope that somehow a miracle would happen that they'd stay in bed and I could join in 30 - 45 minutes after the interview began.  I won't lie, I thought for sure the anxiety would get the better of me and I'd have to beg Jackie to handle this without me.  I never once thought I'd get swarmed with things that could keep me from it, and boy I was not happy at all yesterday as the minutes ticked down to the interview.

I got lucky because Bo left work fifteen till 8, and with a 20 minute drive I was going to miss only a little of the interview.  I was stoked, let me tell you.  This is where things got cooky.  I was on the phone with Bo trying to listen to him and a headphone in the other ear trying to listen to the interview.  For the first 10 minutes of both, I have no clue what was said.  But I tried.  He got in the door, I gave him a kiss and ran upstairs, barely telling the kids good night.  Seconds later I ran back down the stairs...and again a few minutes later because I had forgotten things like my charger...and phone.

And that's when things got um really really cooky.  I'm a talker, and when I get anxious I barely breath with all the word vomit that pours out.  But last night I was unable to speak.  I was just sitting there listening to all the fabulous questions Jackie (owner of Literary Escapism) had thinking how crumby my questions were compared.  It took me until near the very end of the hour and a half interview to actually speak and ask a question.  I was all EEEEE I finally opened my mouth yay!  I asked a total of 4 questions...sigh.  It could have been worse, I could have been talking 90 to nothing and not letting anyone else speak.

Even with all the problems and the fact that suddenly this Chatty Cathy was turned into a shy mouse, the interview was a lot of fun.  I would do it again, but I am going to listen to each of the interviews done so far to come up with much better questions for next time.  After discussing this world of Nancy's, it has me extra excited to get her next book, Hunter of Shadows in my hand and I'm sure I'll be jumping at any noise outside in hopes it's the postman.


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