Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Keep your fingers crossed

I've dreaded/waited/pretended it didn't exist/fantasized about today for weeks now.  Today is the day I interview Nancy Gideon! You can see my reviews for her books here,here and here. I absolutely LOVE the Moonlight series and think you are crazy if you haven't read it yet.  You want drama?  You want romance? You want mystery?  You want shapeshifters?  This series is has it all!!!  I cannot get enough of it and kick myself daily for not owning the first book in the series.  But hey that's what Christmas and birthdays are for right?  Tonight we discuss the series, including her newest release (coming out today yippee), Hunter of Shadows.

I'm so excited about tonight my nerves are on high gear and I'm sure I'll have issues eating today.  This is my first ever interview ever, which is fab on it's own but to interview an author I love it's amazeballs.  There's only one small catch, I'm sick with a cold and this is a live interview on Talk Shoe.  Who wants to hear me sneeze and sniffle and cough?  I'm hoping we have enough cold meds to help me get through the interview without too many hiccups.  I'm just glad I have the option to stick to chatting instead to save you all the nasty sounds coming out of my nose right now.

Please join Literary Escapism and Nancy Gideon tonight at 8pm EST.


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