Friday, December 30, 2011

What a day...

I got news this morning that one of my uncles passed away, it was cancer.

My first thought was for my aunt, my Mama's sister, and all their kids, grandkids  and great grandkids.  How hard today is for all of them and how there's nothing I can do.  A hug and an apology doesn't really help on days like today.  My heart goes out to them anyway, losing a family member is tough, when it's a parent it's crippling.

My next thought was that I barely knew this man and considering he was on the side of the family that spent holidays together and weekend gatherings and yearly reunions, that's crazy.  I saw him a lot growing up and yet I don't know him well.  He was a quiet man for the most part, he and my dad would set and talk but I don't remember ever having many conversations with him myself.  He was cooky and quiet my Uncle Troy, or at least that's how I remember him.  I may not have known him enough but he was my uncle, and I still love him and will miss him.

Then my cousin pointed something out that well I'm still in shock over.  Twelve years ago my grandma died on this day, my uncle (her son) died almost to the hour one year later.  Now it's Uncle Troy.  On top of that it's my aunt's birthday, who was married to my uncle who passed 11 years ago AND it's my oldest sister's birthday...what are the odds?

When Uncle Merle died we all said Grandma just wanted him home with her.  Maybe they were lonely and wanted Troy with them too..;).

This song was one of Grandma's favorites, she used to say that Vince Gill was the most beautiful man she'd ever seen and heard.  It makes me think of you Grandma, Merle and now you Troy, every time I hear it.

Goodbye Uncle Troy, you were and still are loved by those who knew you and you will be missed. 



The Queen said...

You should hear Princess PWT sing that song.. will bring you to your knees. I'm sorry for your lose my dear..

Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Uncle. And I have to agree, that is rather unique about all those deaths and birth on the same date.


Draft Queen said...

So sorry for your loss.

Nikki said...

Thank you guys! MWUAH