Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Newest review for you!

My latest find is James R. Tuck, which you MUST put on your to read/buy list or else we cannot be friends.  I've just read his novella That Thing at the Zoo and it ROCKS.  My only complaint was I got addicted from page 1 and it was over too soon.  Luckily I had his book Blood and Bullets to read...did you see the date??? I got to read it before it was released!! How spiffy is that?!?!  Anyhizzle, I haven't finished that review yet, you'll be seeing it soon promise, but I am hooked.  I am itching to see the rest of the series and I would gladly take them NOW if Mr. Tuck would let me have them.

Imagine LKH's Anita Blake with actual balls, with a little bit of Blade (the first movie) and some tenderness thrown in for good measure and you have Deacon Chalk.  It's amazballs.  You must read it when it is released!


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