Wednesday, January 11, 2012

His first phone call

Yesterday I got this call:

'Ma'am can I speak to your son' this little voice asked

Thinking it may be a wrong number I asked 'What is his name?'

'Um, I don't remember' was the voices awkward reply.

Then his mother gets on the line and tells me her son Jack got a phone number from his friend at school and was so excited to call it that he forgot who gave it to him.  I gave her Bailey's name and when she asked Jack if that was his friend I hear this 'Yeah that's it!  It's Bailey!' yippee type squeal in the background and a commotion followed by her laughing.

When Bailey got on the phone the cuteness factor skyrocketed.  You would have thought the boy had never spoke on a phone before!  Everytime Jack said something, Bailey had to tell me.  I had to say 'Talk to Jack' over and over, although now that I think about it didn't do me any.  It was obvious it was important to him that I be aware of the conversation.  I had to know the joke he just told him and that he was talking about what they did in class.  You know, quantum theory and solving the worlds greatest mysteries and all.  The call ended with Jack asking Bailey if he would play with him on the playground today at school, he said yes and then Jack was all 'Bye' and hung up.

'I guess he hung up Mama' Bailey said as he waved my cell phone in the air in this confused, I don't know what just happened way.  And he was off to play, as if nothing happened.

I sat there giggling for a few seconds at this 3 minute phone call of awkwardness I just witnessed when it hit me.  My son just had his first phone call from a friend.  My insides got all squirmy, my eyes filled up tears...and then another thought hit.  Oh jeepers play dates.  I. Am. Screwed. Six. Ways. To. Sunday.


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