Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Party Prep Day 1

Clean under couches and cushions
Pick up laundry in all bedrooms

Yesterday I felt pretty icky, the list was short and sweet on purpose.  Then I waited until after Bailey came home from school to start them, which was a BAD idea, and I know better.  It was a struggle to do what I did, so let's just be proud shall we?

I had planned on taking pictures of our Couch Treasure Hunt, except there were no batteries in my camera and none to be found in the junk drawer.  Don't you hate that?  We found two shoes, both mine, one was a flip flop and one was a pink croc (which I only bought like 2 yaars ago while on vacation and haven't worn them since and I'm damn near positive I threw them away when we moved), I think a certain ankle biter was stealing my shoes again. We also found: string cheese wrappers, 2 book marks, 4 pens, 100 lincoln logs, toy car parts, 4 bouncy balls,a Pepsi bottle and a bill...

I was so excited last week to see that Mt. Washmore was about 2 loads maaaybe 3 loads away from being caught up for the first time since like 2005.  And now I'm sad to say, after picking up all the laundry in our rooms and closets that's not the case anymore.  I have two full/over flowing dirty laundry baskets...I wanna cry.

Day 1 down.  Day 2, bring it on.


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