Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Party Prep Day 2

Clean coat closet
Pick up trash in each room
Find all cars and legos and give them a home.
Organize Coupon Corner (better than saying that messy stack of papers in the corner of the dining room...that takes over two chairs and part of the floor)
Organize books in M. bedroom....somehow
Organize entertainment center

Well Day 2 was a bust.  NOTHING got done.  And I am more than happy to blame Bo, cause it's all his fault. First he sends me a message at 9am that I need to remember my coupons (clipping, throwing out expired and most importantly go use them!).  I informed him I have stuff to do and that is sorta on my list, I'll get it when I get to it.  This conversation spiraled out of control until somehow we decided I was going to go have lunch with him.

This is a 20 minute drive in high traffic.  I'm driving Bo's big Dodge Ram.  I have crap depth perception. I get anxious driving, especially with the kids.
...sorry BAD video but it's all I could does the job anyway.

It was 10 by the time we decided to do this.  I was wearing an old faded/stained t-shirt and my dirty hair was under an OU hat.  I could go into Walgreens looking like that but not the office.  Those people actually care about appearances.  I washed my hair, fixed it, and my face, got dressed, all very slowly because of my nerves.  By the time I was done it was 11:40 (normally maybe an hour is all I need), and although I was so hungry I could eat our polar bear, I was also about to toss my breakfast.

And then I had to get in the truck.

And drive through traffic.

Did I mention the truck and no depth perception?

My knuckles were white as snow the whole ride, and by the time I got there my heart was going 90 to nothing as if I'd ran the whole way.  I HATE DRIVING THAT TRUCK IN TRAFFIC OMFG!  Lunch with my honey was great, amazing Chinese food I'd gladly get fluffier for, followed by Shake's Frozen Custard which I'd gladly get fluffier for.

And then I had to get in the truck...again.

And drive through traffic...again.

Lunch didn't sit well, but I kept it down, thank all things holy.  Picked up Bailey from school, then I plopped my shaky butt down on the couch and stayed there.  I was exhausted, emotionally and physically after all that.

I was very disappointed when I went to bed.  This is what usually happens, something will drop in my lap and it's like everything else falls away.  Especially if it's something that gets my nerves a rolling.  It is annoying and upsetting that I'm not good with jumping back in after a distraction.  Ok so maybe it's more like I am not able to.  It sucks.  It's frustrating and it's why I keep going in damn circles.

I hate circles.


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