Monday, March 26, 2012


After 2 hours of being outside at my parents house then 30 minutes at the park on Sunday, I am burnt.


The back of my arm (back of my wrist all the way up to about midway between my shoulder and elbow), burnt, more so on my right arm.  Chest, totally burnt and judging by the lines, you would think I was wearing a low cut shirt that stopped at my belly button.  My face is splotchy burnt, around my mouth, forehead and cheeks.  Then there is my nose, which is blistered, and Bo says 'is redder than Rudolph's' and my lips.  MY LIPS ARE BURNT!?!?!

I hurt dudes.  Not only do I hurt but I am cold and I know poor Joss is burning up with the heater on and it being 79 outside.  I'm cold, I cannot cover my arms, sorry little girl you'll just have to be hot.  I have a headache.  I'm weak feeling and nauseous, which honestly this is kinda normal for me so it may not even be the sunburn.  I'm also nodding off since I barely slept last night due to the pain.

On top of that, it's Monday...Bailey has soccer an open shade...fuck me sideways.


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