Monday, March 12, 2012

Neener Neener and some sushi

Blogger was being a dillhole, this was supposed to post yesterday...Blogger don't make me get out my club again...

Dear Family, I am about to open a can on you people.  Or poke you with a stick trying to figure you all out...haven't decided yet.

My first grade teacher recognized me today!


Now lets put all the components in shall we?

This woman hasn't seen me in years, like 5+ years, I'm not even sure that's correct cause I don't think we've seen her since we've had kids.  But I cannot remember.

Some of YOU saw me just last year, in WALMART shopping, we chatted, and talked and oh yeah I had red hair then too.  Yet you didn't recognize me in January...

You have known me since birth, saw me all the time, weekends, holidays, random Sundays eating Grandma's fried chicken and booger soup.

She saw me in the halls of elementary school for a few years in the midst of a bunch of other crib midgets.

We are blood.

She knows me as a student.

Now explain to me how she knew who I was and you didn't?

I've been on this all funky high ever since.  I saw my 1st grade teacher today who not only recognized me after all these years, but she told me I was and still am her favorite.  Now this is one crazy nice lady, so I'm sure I'm not the only one she has said this to.  But I will hang on to it anyway, call it mine and hold on to it on rainy nights like my teddy bear.  Because at least one teacher of mine remembers me and she calls me her favorite.  Bitch I'm cross stitching this on a something and hanging it on my damn wall.

We also celebrated Bo's grandma's 94th birthday...can you imagine? Ninety-four years?!  Insane.  We got to see all sorts of relatives today and I got to play 'pick on my father-n-law'.  Which is sort of a favorite game of mine.

And to top it off, I have fun (but thankfully on the weak side) food poisoning, we decided to make it worse by eating at a new Chinese/Japanese/steak joint in town.  I tried some sushi, cause apparently I really hate myself today.  I had two before my throat went all 'I am about to press that big red emergency button that says evacuate that shit out'.  Dinner was expensive, and unsatisfying and now my stomach is laughing at me, twisting and turning and speaking to me in what sounds like whale speak.


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angel shrout said...

OH I have family like that.. and I have spent most of my life in this area.. and that right there is why I will NEVER eat Sushi.