Monday, November 06, 2006

War paint and hot chocolate

It’s a cold, dreary Monday today. Its one of those days that pj’s, hot chocolate, and a good book are all you need. But that is how I feel every day. All I want are my pj’s, and my book and I can get through the day. But I don’t want to get through the day anymore. I want to experience life, to see new people and places, to learn new things. I want to experience it all. So this morning when all I wanted to do was play Sims all day and live in my pj’s, I dressed up fixed my newly straightened hair, and put on some makeup. It’s funny how little things just make the day go better. I hate makeup; I hate what it stands for. Women do not need hair dye, make up, jewelry, or fancy clothes to look beautiful. Women are beautiful on their own. I know that, yet I don’t feel it. Makeup for whatever reason just perks a woman up. I don’t think I’m any prettier with makeup on than without; I don’t think I’m pretty no matter what. But something about having makeup on just makes me smile when I look in the mirror. I do everything differently with makeup. If only society made looking natural beautiful, then maybe we could do without all the work of putting our faces on.

How has all this war paint helped my day? Well I admit I have played Sims a lot today. But I have also accomplished almost everything on my to-do list for the day. This is awesome, because most of the time I only get one or two items completed. And it’s showing in my house. So I’m one step closer to having a happy home. One that smells like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, yup I baked. I haven’t had a bad thought all day. Another massive accomplishment for me, considering I live with negative thoughts constantly. Was it the war paint? I don’t know, it might be, it might also be my new do. Or the vitamins are working. Or the wild, hot sex I have had over the past few days. Having sex 4 nights in a row, can make anyone cheerful. I don’t think it is one certain thing that has helped my attitude over the past few days. It’s a mixture of everything working over the past few days. I know that it can all fall in a blink of an eye, but I will not think about it. I need this, I need to smile, need to laugh, need to love, need to be happy. If not just for myself, then for my family. They deserve a happier me.

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