Friday, December 01, 2006

It snows.

For a few years now the inhabitants of my area have been bitching and moaning over not having a good winter. Yesterday they got their wish. It is now 16°, and we have about 5 inches of snow. Just a few miles north they got as much as 8 inches. It has been four years since this area has seen an honest to goodness winter. The last time was an ice storm, only a sprinkling of snow, and inches of ice. Not pretty. My sorry butt slid down a flight of stairs that winter. I wish someone had been recording that because I was giggling on the way down. My head hit a few of the cement steps on the way, I looked like on of those bobbing head things you put on your dashboard. My back didn’t laugh with me though. And it was only two days later that I slid and fell again on a giant patch of ice coming out of work. Considering I was working at a fast food place at the time, I had many witnesses to giggle at my feet flying over my head and me spinning in circles as I slid across the parking lot. Ah ice!

While I was taking the pictures of the back yard, my dog, retard beauty, came barreling in the house all covered in snow and ice. She’s cocker spaniel, and the dumbest smart dog I have ever had. The concept of housetraining was too confusing for her, yet she could find her way home in a snap as well as learn tricks after two tries. SO any who, she comes barreling in the house, after my cat. Who like the smart pus she is, ran to her beloved home of the garage. Now the retard beauty has no target, and makes 6 yes 6 rounds around my living room. I have a nice
I have a nice large living room, so it was useless trying to chase her because she had plenty of room to escape. I had to wait until she crashed on my couch, and then I dragged her ass out. My poor son was screaming he’s not used to the dogs barging into his territory. Or he was afraid of the retard beauty eating the cat, I don’t know. It was funny and so frustrating at the same time.

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