Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine

On this day eight years ago, Hubby drove me out to a lake, and while the sun was sitting casting the water in gold and pink waves, asked me to dance. He turned the headlights on, turned the music up nice and loud and we slow danced in the chilly evening air. I knew something amazing was coming next, because everyone seemed to know what he had for me that day and were really excited about it. After a few minutes of dancing, he asked me to marry him. Even though we had discussed getting married, it still stole my breath when I heard those four words.

I don’t remember what song was playing that night, but I remember the beautiful colors on the water, the soft lapping waves of the lake, and the quietness of the country around us. I remember feeling so light, so happy, so cherished, and so overwhelmed by all of the emotions that for a few seconds I couldn’t breath. Sadly the man hasn’t been able to outshine that particular Valentines Day.

We have three anniversaries that we remember every year, today, the day we started dating and the day we got married. You would think with as anal as we are on celebrating these we’d also celebrate the day we first had sex, but alas neither of us remember what day that was. All we remember is we fooled around for the first few weeks then had sex every chance we got so basically the entire month of September could be celebrated. But the biggest thing we do is celebrate daily. A day does not go by that we don’t say I love you or how much you mean to me or you are my world, my everything. We are very cutesy lovey dovey but that is perfectly fine with us, because we’re still going strong. We don’t need the cards or the chocolates, their nice and wonderful to get, but we’d rather cuddle on the couch talking about our memories of one another….then scrogging until we break the bed.

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