Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sickly Christmas

That’s it, it should be a law that you cannot be 1) sick while pregnant nor 2) sick for the holidays. For the past month, the three of us have been fighting off a cold/sinus infection/cough aka CRAP. One of us will get better for a few days, and then gets sick all over again. It keeps returning, and with a vengeance. I woke up today with a very deep voice and a sore throat. The soreness is gone now, but I’m still talking like Vin Diesel. And not only do I feel huge, clumsy and weak from pregnancy AND being sick, I have to find it in me somehow to make cookies, wrap presents, and clean my damn house. Nothing has been done to get any of these started since the sickness has taken over, so I have one day, ONE FREAKING DAY, to do all of this. I know the hubby will help when he gets home, but so we’re not up until 4 in the morning, I have to get started early by myself. SON OF A BITCH!!

Thankfully the house cleaning part isn’t because people are coming here for the holidays. Nope, that’s because on Monday I have my 36 week home checkup with my midwife. Oh yeah, one step closer to Jellybean coming out! Oh shit. There is a part of me that is beyond ready for her to be here, and that would be my crotch talking. The baby is lower now, not as low as she’s going to be, but low enough that my crotch aches. Sitting, standing, lying down all takes effort and all seem to hurt this area. Oh and walking, can’t forget that walking also does it. That leaves um sleeping but then when I wake up and have to change positions, that hurts. So yeah crotch pain is almost constant at this point and she’s screaming GET HER OUT NOW. I think she has forgotten how painful it is for the baby to come out, because the crotch pain is a walk in the park compared to that.

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