Saturday, February 07, 2009

And then we were 4…

On January 24th our daughter made her entrance….a day before her due date. If that is any indication on her personality, she’s going to be like me. If I’m not late I’m there in the nick of time. I’d been having contractions off and on daily for a week, teasing contractions as my midwife called them. Frustrating bastards is what I call them. I went to bed Friday night with fairly strong ones but didn’t think anything of them. I woke up to the weirdest sensation EVER, moved my leg and Niagara Falls. From the time my water broke to her being born was 7 hours, so not too shabby if I do say so myself. I was able to have her in the birthing tub, with Munchkin I had to move to our bed so it was a new experience. I have to say yet again that a tub full of hot water to labor in is totally the way to go. She was 7lbs even and 21inces long, just a tich bigger than her brother who was an ounce shy of 7lbs and only 18 inches. So far she looks just like her brother, yet a lot like me. Munchkin looks just like his daddy until he smiles, and then you see that I actually had a part in his creation. You can’t see any of Hubby’s features in her face, just mine, yet she looks a lot like her brother. All I can say is I gave birth to both, one better look like me damnit. I was somewhat afraid of having a girl, for many reasons, one of them being that I have broad shoulders for a woman and then there’s Hubby who has a brick wall for a back, I couldn’t see anything dainty coming from that combo. Its way too early to tell how she’ll be built, but she has small hands and feet, with long fingers and toes, so that’s a good sign. Munchkin was born with feet as thick as they were wide and long, no shoes for that kid until he was a year old and his hand are thick and wide just like all the men in our family. Now we just wait to see how the rest of her fills out, keeping our fingers crossed she’s not built like a linebacker.

Jellybean’s birth was a little different experience than with Munchkin. Even with the first few hours being a bit touchy because of her having a bowl movement before being born, everything was calm and relaxed for the most part. I was more myself during the birth this time than last time. I remember going in and out between contractions with him, but this time I was awake and cracking jokes. That’s not saying it didn’t hurt like a son of a bitch, it did OMG did it ever, but I was able to handle the pain better. It didn’t feel like I was handling it at the time though. At one point in between pushes I told everyone that the women who could push out a baby in three pushes had one hell of a vagina, and I remember all of us laughing until a contraction started. When Munchkin was starting to come out, I remember panicking on how bad it was going to hurt and if I could handle it. I didn’t have that this time at all and wanted to get her out ASAP, plus this time it actually felt good to push. I don’t get how that is possible, that pushing helps the sensation that your vagina is being ripped apart by a Buick and your back is trying to turn inside out. I didn’t argue, I just pushed like a demon. Once she was out, my midwife examined me and declared me having ‘the most beautiful bottom’ she’d ever seen after delivery. Hubby was very proud of himself for this, and told everyone that it was all thanks to him, since he was in charge of the perineum massage. We all got a good giggle out of his comment. I don’t know how ‘we’ did it, but I was not the slightest bit sore or tender after her birth. With Munchkin I was sore for days, it was hell. I know how rare that is, and I’m thanking every deity I can think of to make sure all my bases are covered.

Seeing my two babies together is still unreal. Munchkin is in love with his little sister, wants to read her stories, wants to hold her, wants to touch and see her all the time. I’m sure once the newness goes away this will change, but for the time being I’m soaking up the love he has for her.

Will I do it again? I don’t know. A huge part of me is screaming FUCK THAT, but there’s a teeny part of me that loves babies and thinks maybe just maybe I’d do it again

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