Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Busy busy busy

Just about everyone asks me what its like with two kids now. Busy. Hectic. Chaotic. Yet that doesn't explain it. It's insane how crazy this house has gotten with Jellybean's arrival. I’ll be nursing, and thinking about what I need to do as soon as she’s asleep and stays asleep. But before I can do that, Munchkin needs me. Right as I’m about to start a task, Jellybean is awake and the cycle continues. ALL DAY LONG. I can’t complete anything, because one or the other needs me. Getting dressed and finding time to eat and pee are my top priorities at this point. Everything else revolves around nursing or getting Jellybean to sleep.

Sleep. Ah that wonderful luxury that I rarely get these days. I miss sleep. Because she never eats or sleeps at the same times or for the same duration, sleep is a rarity. Sometimes we get 6 hours of sleep, sometimes we get 3, and it’s never all at once, it’s in segments. We had one night of 5 whole wonderful hours of continuous sleep. How? Because I fell asleep with her next to me on the bed and she was latched on the whole time. It was lovely. Except for me being stiff and sore for a few hours from the position I was in. Small price to pay I guess. We had this problem with Munchkin…ok I had this problem with him, Hubby slept through his nightly feedings. This time I have to have help, because I don’t get naps during the day to make up for sleepless nights. Eventually Munchkin moved into our bed, and I had horrible back aches and crappy night sleeps for almost a year. I do not want to go down that road again, but for the life of me I don’t know how to prevent it when I am nodding off all the time.

Life with two kids is hard, and yet not that difficult. It’s figuring out a schedule of sorts. It’s getting help and not feeling bad for it. It’s realizing you can’t do it all, all by yourself 24/7. Even with little sleep, patience and energy, I am loving it. I love being home and taking care of my two babies. It’s still a bit surreal that we have two kids now.

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