Monday, April 27, 2009


That is my word of the day. How do I feel? Ahhhh. It’s so nice to feel good. It’s awesome to not have nagging depressing thoughts going round and around my head all day. I can get through my days now without feeling down and blue. I can get through my day. I CAN GET THROUGH MY DAY. I still feel a bit drugged, and my eyes have trouble focusing on things, especially words, but I can deal with that. Its much better than feeling like the world is falling down around me. Or being so weak and dizzy I was afraid I’d drop the baby. Ahhhhh.

I noticed Saturday that I was feeling better. It was night and day compared to Friday. I had a wedding to go to on Saturday, and didn’t feel icky until the ride home that night. It was amazing. I got through an entire day, one of running around and no comfy couch to cuddle on with no problem. I was so excited Saturday night when I realized the pills are definitely working now. Sunday was another day of running around, and again not a problem whatsoever. In fact I had more energy yesterday than I have had in a long time. And that brings us to today. Lots of energy, lots of lets get up and do something feeling. Today is Bo’s birthday and he has the day off. We have a busy day of cleaning, haha poor birthday present, and shopping. It’s the first time in a long time that I want to do it. I want to get up and do something anything but lie there and feel like crap. I wish we had something more exciting planned than going to Walmart and cleaning, but oh well. At least I feel good enough that I can make his night exciting…….Ahhhhhh.

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Niki (SG) said...

=) =) =) I want to fly to where you are and give you a gigantic hug!! I'm sooo happy that you've had a great day! I know that its been a few days since you posted this, but, as you understand, sometimes babies don't allow us to do the things we WANT... and only the things that we HAVE to do.

As for Bo's birthday, I think that the best birthday present he could have asked for is a happy, energetic wife!