Friday, April 24, 2009

Crazy eyes

It’s been four days since I started taking my pills and although I still feel a bit drugged, I’m starting to feel better. Today I just feel like I’ve had way too much caffeine, I’m really jittery and weak but want to get up and do something. Once I do though, the dizziness takes over and I have to sit back down. But the worst part, or the funniest I haven’t decided yet, is that my eyes are huge. I’ve felt like they were about to pop out for a day or so, and either I was just too drugged to see it before or they just started to do it. Either way, I look like I’m drugged. I’m pretty sure if I ran into a cop somewhere they’d want to take me in. Sorry officer, I’m just a crazy on Paxil.

The part that isn’t funny is that tomorrow is my niece’s wedding. There is no way to hide the eyes, especially in any family photos. People, there is going to be photo evidence of my eyeballs popping out of my head. How’s that for wedding mementos.

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