Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Whoah….If I thought I was loopy before oh boy how wrong I was. It’s only day two on my happy pills and I feel like I have a really good buzz, one shot away from being drunk feeling. Except its not much fun or feels very good, if being buzzed can be considered feeling good. Everytime I look at something, it takes my eyes a few seconds to stay on the target, and that only lasts for a few seconds before they go bouncing out of my head. It’s like sitting in one of those vibrating/massage chairs. Kinda funny, yet frustrating. Yesterday I was typing a message to Bo and I wrote a wrong word over and over again. Even going back and correcting myself I screwed up my words. He got a good giggle out of it, I was yelling at my laptop for betraying me. I’m afraid to even be typing this because I’m sure it’s going to happen again. But what a good laugh it will be.

Today I plan on moving around as little as possible. Carrying Jocelyn is one hell of a feat; I have to concentrate on one step at a time otherwise the room dances around me. It’s scary to think I could drop her or trip and fall with her in my arms because of this. I’m hoping she’ll have a sleepy day today and not want to be held much. The less I have to carry her the better. Because I have to concentrate so much while doing things, I’m not talking to Bailey much. I have to be still to do that, because too much movement and I can’t think clearly enough to talk. Scary huh? Typing though is pretty easy, my eyes are already dancing and I can just follow along as I type. No biggie. But if I stop ooh yeah that’s when the fun starts.

I’ve already had many grab a hold of something solid or I’m going to float out the window moments this morning. Unloading and loading the washer/dryer was amusing. Once I stood up after getting everything loaded, I had to hang on to the wall for a bit. It took me a good minute to concentrate on the dials before I could remember what to do. Then I got out the door and almost had it shut before I realized I never turned them on. I decided then it may be wise if I just stayed on the couch today.

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