Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday is FINALLY here. It’s about time. I noticed that both Saturday and Sunday my head felt a ton better. I still had that loopy feeling but it wasn’t as strong and it wasn’t all day. In fact yesterday I didn’t notice it at all until around 3pm and that was as strong as it got, which was pretty mild compared to what it had been, and it only lasted for a few hours. Either being on the go kept my mind off of it so I didn’t notice it or it somewhat goes away when Bo is here…Hmmm…We were talking about it last night and he seems to think its probably both. Because when I would have a bad depressive episode, I’d feel sick and once he was home I’d feel much better if not perfectly fine. I just get lonely for him I suppose and it makes me sick, awe LOL.

My appointment is in a few hours, hot dog.

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