Monday, May 04, 2009

Wedding bells

A few weeks ago my niece got married. It was very simple, yet beautiful. I’m very proud of her, and wish her and her new hubby the best. I think every wedding makes you sit and think about your own and your marriage since that day. Our 9th anniversary is this August, which is pretty amazing considering not many of our friends are still married to their first spouse. I know what its like to marry young, we were 18 as well, and I know how hard it can be. I also know her frustration at hearing the “Wow you are so young” or “He got you pregnant didn’t he” comments. With the divorce rate as high as it is, it’s no wonder people think marrying young isn’t wise. But there are a few of us that are the exception to the rule.

Bo and I have known each other for 22 years now. We met in Kindergarten, and his mother used to pester him that he would marry me some day. Our yards bordered each other, we were in the same classes almost every year, yet we didn’t become friends until high school. Once we were friends, we were inseparable and that eventually led to us dating. I still remember how weird it was to kiss him, like I was kissing my brother. At least in my way of thinking, it sure as hell didn’t feel like kissing my brother. I can remember those first few weeks of us dating and how I kept asking myself why I didn’t ‘see’ him before. I still don’t know why I never really noticed him until then. I just know that when I came back from staying with a relative for the summer, I went straight to his house and was blown away by him. I saw him for the first time that day and I am oh so glad that I did.

May she have the happiness she’s dreamt about. May they find a friend in one another to grow old with. May they stay as happy as they were the day they said I do as they do at the end of their days.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your niece and her new husband, and congrats to you and Bo for coming up on 9 years of marriage! It's not every day that you hear of relationships that started so young lasting the test of time (and often life's surprises) ... i'm very happy for you, and happy to say that you're my friend.

I hope that your niece and her hubby are able to enjoy their lives together with as much love and friendship that you and Bo have enjoyed =)

Niki (SG)