Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sick times

So here I am, sick with a cold and so are the munchkins. SOB. We aren’t sleeping much, go figure, and my once clean house is slowly going back to what it was after only a week. Again, SOB. Being sick, with two sick kids is just hell. I want to do nothing but lie down and sleep, but I can’t. I hate taking meds so I’ve had no relief other than a nasal spray. Except I wouldn’t consider that relief, it felt like I was snorting acid. But about an hour later I could breathe.

We seem to be getting better, albeit slowly. Even though she was the first to get sick, Jocelyn is still sniffly and runny nosed but no fever. The booger sucker is my constant companion, and her worst enemy. She’s gotten so familiar with it that I have to hide it otherwise she lets loose an ear piercing scream. I've had it the worst, as usual it seems. Bo has barely had any stuffyness, and Bailey only mildly bothered.

Here I am, lying on my couch, hair is an absolute mess, can only breathe out of one nostril, one kid is crying and refuses to sleep while the other is desperate for attention but can’t get any because I have zero energy. Fun fun fun.

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