Thursday, June 04, 2009

The big F.O.U.R

Yesterday my little boy turned 4! I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this. I remember when he was born, I remember nursing him, I remember cuddling with him at night, I remember feeding him baby food, him learning to crawl and walk…..he cannot be 4 already. Yesterday we had a small party for him, just grandparents. Although one was missing, it was a nice little party.

The weeks leading up to his birthday he’s been adamant that he didn’t want to turn 4. He wanted to be 3 forever. A few minutes ago he told Bo that he likes being 4, because he got a bike and can ride it now. You can’t do that at 3, hehe.

We ruined the whole magical aspect of a birthday by getting him his shots today. Yeah horrible parents. We didn’t get him immunized as a baby, we wanted to wait until he was older to handle the shots better. I don’t think its wrong to do them as a baby, but for me, I feel much better waiting until they are older. We didn't plan to do this today, we just went in for a check up and ended up doing it to get it over with. He screamed so loudly, I’m surprised people didn’t come running to see who was torturing a child. It was pretty pitiful. He now has four band aids on his little arms. But we made it up to him by getting his own milkshake. I’m hoping that he remembers this birthday with a smile and not a frown.

Little boy, you surprise us daily on how smart you are. You shocked your Mema and Papa this weekend by saying your ABC’s backwards, and shocked them even more when we said we’d only did it once with you the day before. You have one heck of an imagination that I get a kick out of, knowing it came from me because let’s face it, Daddy doesn’t have an imagination. You are your little sister’s hero, and you take this job with a smile and excitement. I never tire of seeing you play with her, sing to her or hug her, because both of your faces light up with love. You are an amazing little person and I am beyond thrilled that I get to be your mother. I love you Munchkin.

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