Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Day 2

Bailey’s room is painted, pretty much. All that’s left is about three feet of baseboards and maybe three touch up areas. DONE!! By tomorrow night he’ll be in his new room. Hot dog…..CRAAAAP there’s another room to paint. And not one wall this time, but four. SOB. Which I’m sure is what is going through Bo’s mind, since he’ll be doing the majority of it and I’ll be taking care of the munchkins. Once again, poor poor Bo.

Today we noticed that Joss seems to have allergies. Her eyes are red and runny, and she’s sneezing and coughing. As the day progressed the sneezes became wetter. To the point that she projectile sneezed. My daughter shot snot out of her nose people. Her daddy is so proud. Yesterday while Bo and Bailey were destroying the evil weed monsters in the front yard, she and I watched. We were out there a good 20 minutes. We both slapped ourselves in the foreheads this afternoon when we realized that could have done it. I hope this goes away soon and the she doesn’t get worse or develop a fever. It should be a law that babies cannot get sick.

Day three is the party. We have to clean this house as fast as possible, deal with a teething and allergy suffering baby, a cranky three year old coming to terms with moving to a new room, make a quick run to the grocery store for last minute items and the cake…..I’m pretty sure I’m missing something. Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow isn’t a nightmare.

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