Monday, June 01, 2009

End of Day 1 – Project vacation/work your ass off

So ends the first day of our project week. Poor poor Bo is all I can say. I forgot to take my pill on Saturday, so that meant today I had a dizzy headache. I was out for the count on most of what got done today. Again, poor poor Bo. The new office is now crammed with stuff, while Bailey’s new room is empty. Tomorrow we primer and paint one wall red. Not just red but Lightening McQueen red. RED!!! He wanted the entire room this color and we said nope, one wall only. He’s disappointed but my gosh that’s one bright bold color, I think it would give the kid a complex if it was the entire room. The other three walls are grey, it’s a nice combo I think. That and the walls were already grey, lot less to do this way. Far more boyish than his buttercup yellow room now. We’re hoping to get his things moved in, get the house clean and go grocery shopping tomorrow as well. What did I do? Well I helped move part of the stuff out, but I spent most of the day taking care of Jocelyn and doing laundry. I never got a chance to put any up, so now we have 5 loads on our bed. But at least we have clothes now.

Not only did we empty out two entire rooms, but Bo and Bailey attacked my weed beds. Now normally people have flower beds, but not me. I grow weeds better than anyone I know. Somehow I haven’t killed what little plants I have planted, which still surprises me. Nor have I killed the weeds, even with weeding, weed killer and a flower bed liner to prevent them. See, weed beds. There were weeds close to 4 feet tall! INSANE. On one section there were so many you couldn’t even see the plants and shrubs I planted. It was embarrassing how badly it looked. But that’s what I get I guess, I got knocked up and didn’t touch them at all last summer. Bailey seems to enjoy gardening, so we’re going to get him his own little gardening set and we’ll do it together. Of course there’s only one thing fun about gardening with more than one person. It’s the water fights, mwahahaha.

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