Thursday, July 30, 2009

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I have to admit that the idea of making baby food makes me giggle. Like a little girl in a pink dress with a sucker stuck to her cheek. I will know what goes into my baby, I will know where it came from and how healthy it is for her. I wish I could have done this for Bailey but alas my mind was one garbled mess back then…..wait it still is, hmm.

So far she’s had avocados and sweet potatoes. Yes I know I started this about a month and a half ago and by now she should have been introduced to more veggies and fruits, but I wanted to take my time. One of the problems of my OCD is that I get into a mad dash to do things, then my brain gets board and moves on to something new. So I’m holding back from going all Susie Homemaker on baby food, and letting her enjoy them slower. Plus she wasn’t quite ready at 4.5 months for baby food. She loves both, and now I’ll be introducing either peas or pears. Or at least I think I will. The fun/frustrating part of making baby food is that you have a wide variety of items to choose from. Me being an indecisive nut makes this so much fun.

Hopefully in August we’ll be able to get a deep freeze so that I can start making bigger batches of food and freezing them. Plus freezing breast milk, it seems I read the directions wrong and the milk I had pumped and froze in our freezer is no longer good. Bummer. So look forward to seeing posts about baby food, nummy nummy.

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-MissC* said...

One of the good things about makin baby food for Joss is that you will have it fresh for Bay too. Shile she is gummin it he can have slices! YUM!