Wednesday, August 05, 2009

More peas please

I’m beginning to wonder if there’s anything Joss doesn’t like. I remember when I introduced any new flavor to Bailey he’d give this strange face, like I just fed him a lemon. Whether he liked it or not he’d give that face the first few bites and then he’d start squealing and jumping up and down in his seat, after that I couldn’t get the spoon to his mouth fast enough. Jocelyn however has this mildly bored expression on her face with every bite. No matter what it is she doesn’t get overly excited about it, nor does she show any expressions. She eats until she’s done then politely keeps her head turned away so I can’t give her more. I know she likes to eat because she gets excited when she sees the bowl. She starts jumping and waving her arms, but once the food gets in her mouth that stops. Either she’s going to be a pain in the ass when it come to eating later on or nothing truly phases her.

A part of me is glad because maybe she won’t have the food issues and that would mean no struggling with weight. Unless she’s like me and tends to be fat no matter what you eat unless meds come into the picture. But another part of me is pissed. Because here I am putting lots of thought into what to feed her next and getting all excited because I got to use my food processor and steamer in the same day. I mean, I’m doing all this work and not a smile not an ooooh not a NOTHING. I’m debating, but I think she needs a time out for this.

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