Friday, August 07, 2009

Finger foods

I get a weekly email on what Jocelyn should be doing at the current stage. This week it says she could be ready for finger foods. I saw this and, yes here I am world, admitting that I squealed like it was Christmas morning and I got the pony I always wanted. FINGER FOODS!!!! I thought for sure that she wasn’t even close to this stage, I thought it was closer to 8-9 months. This adds on to my list of foods to try. Like cheerios, cause they are like, awesome. Sorry 90’s flashback. I don’t remember being this excited about Bailey getting to eat baby food.

This means not only am I over coming up with the weekly menu of the three of us, but now I get to add Jocelyn in. I get to plan meals for all four of us. Can you stand it?? I can’t. No world that isn’t sarcasm, that’s truth. I LOVE to make lists and plans and research things. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Love it so much I would to take it to bed if wasn’t for the paper cuts. I rarely make the same recipe twice because of this love. I have a collection of recipes that I add to regularly, as in every few days. I have enough recipes that I could make a different meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks and deserts) for a year or two. See, love.

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