Thursday, September 24, 2009

Budgeting the nickels

For a while now we’ve been desperately trying to pay off debt and get a better handle on our money. Bo went to a financial seminar, followed the program and we’ve seen massive changes. Even though Bo makes enough money so I can stay home, we’re still very tight with our money, as if we don’t have much. Because if you know you have it you spend it, frivolously. We’re normally pretty good with our spending, if we can live without it we do, but if we really really want it then we save for it. But there are times where things break down and you have nothing saved and the only option you have is to charge it. That’s where we accumulated our debt, thankfully it was just poor planning instead of poor spending on our part.

These days, we sit down and figure out what things we’re going to be purchasing for the following month. We then see if we can afford it and if not, we post pone it, save, and get what we can. But most importantly, we plan for things to break, so that when they do we have money put back to help. Sometimes its $5, sometimes more, but every penny we can we put in savings to cover debt, fun money, and emergencies. And although at times it has been tough, it will be worth it once everything is paid off.

Our budget is tight, which means I’m all for coupons, sales and any good deal I can possibly find. We all know how much I love lists and organizing, and we all know that most of the time its hard for me to keep up with all that I come up with. But for this, I keep trying, I keep pushing forward and continue to perfect some sort of system that doesn’t include EVERYTHING known to man. I will find my way, or else!

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