Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not the reason I was thinking.....

My phone just rang, and by the ringer I new it was my hubby's mobile. The background noise sounded an aweful lot like traffic so I asked him if he was coming home, and his answer was yes. Now my first thought is, well he sounds too happy to be sick so maybe they had some sort of power issues at work and sent everyone home. Oh if only.

His response was "Well I ripped my pants playing hacky". Yup you read that right. My husband plays hacky. HACKY people, he's a 27 year old computer geek playing hacky. Get a good laugh because I do every time he talks about it. I never understood the game, and don't think I ever will, but I digress. It seems he tried to go for one of his 'famous' high kicks, and ripped the crotch of his pants. These particular pants were old, and should have been tossed obviously before now. I asked him while gasping for air in between giggles what undies he's wearing and thankfully he's wearing the 'secure' boxer briefs. If he'd been wearing his boxers, well his employees would have seen his bits. He then tells me that he didn't let that stop him and finished the game. Um yup thats determination.

Picture it folks, a group of 20 something men, in business casual, playing hacky sack in the parking lot. And one of them has ripped the crotch of his pants out. And that man is my husband. Oh what ammo I have on this man!

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