Monday, October 05, 2009


I’m sitting here numb, in shock and yet I hurt. We got news that a friend of ours died in a car crash yesterday. His name was Toney, and we grew up with him. We’ve known him almost our whole life. And now he’s gone. He and his four year old son was killed. I keep looking over at Bailey and I’m speechless. He was the same age, he was just as alive and energetic, just as funny and happy and now he’s gone. He’s gone and he didn’t even begin living. And Toney, he’s had it hard, and now he’s gone and he never had true happiness. Nothing is real right now. Nothing is solid.

Toney, I’m going to miss answering the phone and hearing your deep rumbling voice saying “Hey sexy”. I’m going to miss having our chats and you giving me hell and me telling you where to stick it. You had a way about you that made me love you and want to smack you at the same time, not many people have that knack. Only you could give me crap about being a blonde and doing stupid things and still I loved having you around. Only you sexy. You own a piece of my heart, I hope you know that. Elijah sweetheart, I wish I had known you better, but I only got to see you a handful of times over the years. We all just got busy with life and we stopped hanging out like we used to. You looked so much like your father, and from what we heard acted a lot like him. I’m so sorry sweetie that you didn’t get more of a chance at life. I’m so sorry for you both. You’ll always be in my heart, I will never ever forget you. None of us will.

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