Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thats m'boy

Yesterday Bailey kept coming in to the living room saying he was waiting for other players to come on so he could play Rock Band.  Me being the book nerd and not the video game guru, I wasn't sure what he was talking about.  Later I heard him say something about the boy talking on the game.  Hmm I thought and went to see just what he was talking about.  He, my four year old, was playing live with other players.  ON HIS OWN.  Not only that but he was keeping up with these guys.  Talk about scary.

Bo created him his own little profile, set up a password so now he can't go to live play.  So far he hasn't noticed the change, but we're waiting for him to come crying into the living room telling us its broke.

Oh and the reason why he played live?  Because he wanted people to play with that would save him from being booed off stage.  Which is pretty funny since he knows how to switch to No Fail Mode.  This kid could play all day every day, there's only so much Rock Band I can do, and Bo is only home at night.  How sad yet cute is that?

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-MissC* said...

Dam you're screwed.

LMAO! Caden has been telling me that he wants to be a book worm. YES!!!
However he also has been saying for over a month now that Dora the explorer is his girlfriend and we got into an argument over whether she was allowed to sleep in his bed with him.....So in other words I'M SCREWED TOO!
lol You're son will be hacking in to the CIA database and mine will be providin the chicks.