Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The end of something beautiful

Yesterday began the daunting task of weaning Jocelyn.  Well technically I started this months ago when I introduced her to baby food, but yesterday I drastically cut back.  I was at three feedings a day, feeding before she went to sleep each time.  Now its twice a day, and only one of those are a sleep feeding. 

How is she doing?  Oh she’s so not having it.  This girl is a boob girl, through and through.  I’m her human paci, her lovie, her security blanket or whatever term you would like to use.  I am so sad that we have come to this step.  She’s my last baby.  My last nursing partner.  My last snuggler.  It’s not fun for either of us and I’m sure there will come a time in the near near future where we are both crying over this new development.

She turns one on Sunday, and I’ve been putting off breaking her as much as she’s put off loving baby food.  It’s almost like she feels my reluctance and knows just how hard and painful this is for me.  At least I hope that’s why she’s been so stubborn.  Otherwise she’s going to make this more painful and hard for me. 

Although right now I’m dealing with sore and tender boobs that leak whenever I pick her up.  Never had the leaking problem much until recently.  Now if only I could turn it to the sprinkler feature and get some laughs out of this whole ordeal.

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