Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heritage in a bowl

Today I made my all time favorite food.  There is nothing, NOTHING, that comes close to this bowl of sunshine.  It’s my family’s beef and veggie soup, that we call Booger Soup.  Yes such a lovely name I know, but its a funny story behind the name.  I’ve mentioned it before but I’ll share it again anyway.  One of my maternal uncles told my grandma that this soup was so hot, temperature wise, the booger’s wouldn’t eat it.  Somehow it morphed into Booger Soup, and that is how the entire family refers to it.

Tonight I made a comment to Bo about it being my family heritage in a bowl.  To be honest, I’ve never really sat and thought about it that way before.  I’m all about history and to know that I can make a soup that my grandmother and my great grandmother and even my great great grandmother made, is way awesome.  It’s beyond awesome, its inspirational.  This soup has nourished and fed many generations, and I know how to make it.  I am carrying on the tradition with my children and some day they will pass it on.  Amazing huh?

I’ve always gotten a smile whenever my grandma made this soup, and then a tear when my mother was the only one making it for me.  It always makes us think of Grandma and talk about our memories of her.  In essence, this soup is a family portrait.  Amongst the veggies and meat, there amongst the tomatoes my Mama cans the way she was taught by her Mama, is the faces of my family reflecting back at us.  The taste is a reminder of cold winter days, cooped up in the house because its butt ass cold outside. 

I’m not only making this soup to feed my family, and let me tell you it FEEDS a family or 7 of them with how much it makes, I’m also bringing back a piece of those who I’ve lost.  So here’s to you Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Merle, baby James, and all the generations before who have had the pleasure of eating this yummy soup but are no longer here, those of you I never got to meet.  Each bowl, is dedicated to you and your memory and I promise to keep this tradition going.

Do you have any recipes in your family with an interesting story?


-MissC* said...

My great grandma used to make a beef and veggie stew... but we called it mulligan stew. lol! my fave famdamily recipe is potatoe soup. so warm and creamy...and i have perfected it!!! when we go camping i make a huge pot and it sits on the camp fire the whole trip. we always have hott soup to eat!!

Nikki said...

OOOh your going to have to make that while your down! I LOVE potatoe soup.