Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mini Tribal…boom boom

Today ends week one on Weight Watchers and both of us lost 5lbs!  Can I get a whoop whoop? 

That’s really all I have to say on that.  I mean 5lbs in a week, without doing anything but watching my portions and keeping track of what I eat.  So not difficult or time consuming.  Well, truthfully it has been difficult to remember to make the time for myself and measure things and keep track of points.  I find it hard to remember to do for myself first and everyone else second.  I saw my mother do this day after day, so its only natural for me to do the same.  As odd as it sounds, its the most difficult part of this….of anything really. 

Another thing to dance about is a recent purchase I made.  World, I spent more than $30 on a pair of shoes.  Yes, yes I know what am I thinking, this is so unlike me.  I bought a pair of Sketchers Shape-ups, and the cheapest I found them was $98.  I feel horrible for it, but I was in need of shoes and if these things really do what they claim, its a good investment.  I find them very very comfy, almost like walking on a mattress.  My mother says it feels like walking on a balloon, I agree.  It’s the craziest sensation with each step, but they don’t hurt my feet and I have no problem wearing them all day.  HUGE improvement over my last pair.  So if your wondering about these, they are worth buying.  I love love love them.  Now lets hope we don’t need any clothing this month, because these shoes took up our entire monthly clothing budget.  Eeeeck.



Brenda said...

5 lbs?! Woot woot!

Am so glad for you Nikki. Go you!

Nikki said...

Thanks Brenda! We are on a roll huh!