Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh the difference

Bo and I have a very unique relationship.  We joke around with each other and goof off like friends more than we do romantic things. Me being a hopeless romantic, sometimes I wish there was more romance.  I find humor very sexy, but sometimes a sweet note or a romantic gesture would melt me much faster.  Yesterday was one of those days, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.  And the result, well it just speaks for the kind of relationship I have with my dear sweet hubby.

I sent Bo an instant message yesterday.  No I will not repeat it here because it was more erotic romance, than sweet sonnets.  I was impressed, and thought the least reaction I would get would be a “Damn” and be carried away to the bedroom.  The wind blowing his suddenly longer hair away from his face, my gown billowing in the current…ok so maybe not that far but I was still hoping we’d scamper to the bedroom seconds after he read the message.  I waited patiently for him to finish unloading the dishwasher, and then he sits down to read.  I was watching his face for a reaction.  And got nothing.  Nope not a twitch of a smile, no surprised look, no nothing.  Then he types and I get “If only…”.  WTF?!?!

I started and ended my little love note with ‘If only’ so technically he wasn’t being insulting, just following my lead.  But then I say “’If only’, that’s all I get for that?” and so he responds with “I would jump on that field trip, if only”.

We sat and laughed for a while about it.  And yes it is funny, I mean I send him something Penthouse would jump out of their seat for, and get an ‘if only’ and ‘I’d jump on that field trip’.  Talk about pathetic, and yes I told him that.  He laughed.  He also reminded me he doesn’t have a way with words and has no idea how to respond to something like that.  I told him, it sure as hell isn’t jumping on a field trip.  So proceeded a laughing ‘argument’ about how he needs to be a little more romantic and how he has no clue on how to do it.  Totally not the first time we’ve had this conversation in our 10 year relationship.  I still try and hope that some day my hunky computer nerd will catch up with the times.

No there was no rendezvous in the bedroom, even with my love note.  I was disappointed, but apparently he wasn’t in the mood to appreciate such poetry.  I thought men were visual creatures, but I guess visual doesn’t mean words….they are just not creative enough to interpret them without picture illustrations.

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