Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Oh Bailey you sly dog you

My son, my beautiful, smart, highly entertaining, cute as a button, and oh so musical son said something this morning that put things in perspective.  Not that I didn’t realize this before or whack myself on the forehead in an ah ha moment, but just hearing him say this was like yup damnit three times I was right and this time its not a good right.  What did he say?  “But Mama I like things messy”.  Lets do a Tarantino to put into perspective.

Two days ago, Bo said he cleaned up the office.  This is a room I stay clear of unless I need a new book or Bailey has finally talked me into playing Rock Band with him.  It’s insane, and knowing that I had nothing to do with how it looks makes me feel less like Pig Pen.  Then yesterday Bailey tells me while I’m washing the dishes “Mama look what I did to the office”, and the distracted and sickly me said “I know baby, Daddy cleaned it up nice huh”.  Didn’t think anything more about it and didn’t walk in there to see just what he did.

Last night Bo comes walking into the bedroom while I’m putting up clothes with a big smile on his face and proceeds to tell me just what our son has done.  He took the play guitars that Bo had put up, and laid them in the middle of the floor, still intertwined with the cords.  He took the 20 or so demo games (yes you read that right, don’t ask cause I don’t know either) that Bo had stacked all nice and neat, and laid them out one by one, covering the entire computer desk.  He also did the same with the Xbox games.  He then took the drum sticks and moved them off the coffee table onto the floor.  Then he moves one of the tubs full of my books away from the closet door, by the way this sucker is heavy and I hate moving it so how this 4 year old did it I’m not sure, to where it had been in front of my book case.  And opens the closet door. 

We stood laughing at this son of ours and his odd sense of humor.  Bo remarked that he must not like having a clean room.  I replied with “Have you seen our house babe?  He’s not used to clean, and that boy can’t handle change.  Messy is all he knows”.  He then tells me that he’s going to clean it up again and see what happens tomorrow.

After breakfast, Bailey as usual goes to play Rock Band, and I feeling decent do some dishes, awesome right.  When I’m finished I decide to see if he’s done anything.  And he has.  He did everything but move the guitars and the box of books.  So then I ask him, why did you do this after Daddy had cleaned it up and he says “But Mama I like things messy”.

It is so time we get our butts in gear and get the house cleaned.

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