Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Smells like spring

Or I suppose I would if I could smell.  I managed a shower today!  You know its bad when taking a shower is a huge feat.

So far so good with the munchkins.  Bailey is still sniffling, but he apparently feels fine since he runs around the house non stop.  Joss has only the runny nose, but that could be due to her getting a new tooth. But Bo is showing more signs he’s coming down with it.  I just hope it doesn’t hit him as hard.

I have to say being sick makes a little reminiscent of the days before the kids.  Your sick, you can live in your bed and no one bothers you.  With kids, you don’t get a sick day really because they don’t care if you feel bad they want to PLAY. RIGHT NOW, not later, NOW.


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