Thursday, January 07, 2010

Recipe corner

Last night I made Beer Braised Shrimp with Louisiana Salsa and Rice.  I’m a huge shrimp fan, love it baby, so this recipe really got me excited.

The chopping and prep work wasn’t all that difficult with the chopper Mama got me.

It calls for all sorts of spice, and since Bailey is only 4 and not big on spicy stuff much, I kept it very light.  I only put in one green jalapeño, and maybe half of the hot sauce it calls for.  Also to be on the safe side I added an extra bell pepper.  I used ale instead of beer.  And I didn’t have fresh time, so I used dried.

Verdict: Awesome!!  This says its intermediate but I did not find it difficult in the least.  I don’t do intricate recipes, don’t have the time for them and patience most days so I avoid them as much as I can.  This was way easy compared to some of the other recipes I do.  If its calling all the prep work intermediate, then get you a chopper of sorts and its a piece of cake.

Even with the muted spice it is good, but I am excited to try it again with a little more of what it calls for.  The salsa turned out awesome even with the extra bell pepper. It still has a kick but not much of one.(side note, used this salsa in a wrap for lunch today and it was OMG GOOD)

My only concern is the amount of butter, the next time I make this I’m going to cut out some of it to see if there’s a difference.  I love butter, and for 6 servings its not too terrible but this is so good all three of us went back for more.  So less butter, bigger serving, LOL.

Totally making this again.  I rarely make the same things over and over, so this has passed the test. 

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