Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ridonkulous doesn’t cover it

I knew I had gained weight since I stopped Weight Watchers, I just didn’t do the math to see how much until this weekend.  Seven pounds folks.  That is way too much.  My ‘I’ll stop this so we can save money since I know how to do it’ idea didn’t work so well.

We both decided to sign up for it on Sunday.  It blows me away at how easy this program is, minus the measuring and such.  That’s the part that I was skipping on, I was guessing.  Plus I had days where I barely ate, days where I ate too much and then occasionally I’d eat enough, so it threw my metabolism all out of whack…ok so more than it already is.  With us both doing it, it makes it more challenging since last time I did this he lost 30 pounds without even trying.  Because I was measuring everything, he lost without having to do any of the work.  Lucky dog.

Since I’m still nursing my points are much higher than what a normal person would have, but even then that doesn’t compare to what he is allowed every day.  That man can eat like three more meals than I can.  It’s only not fair when frozen custard comes into the equation (See Todd I got it right this time).  That stuff is heaven in a cup, and hell on your butt.