Saturday, January 02, 2010

Sick day 2

Today should have been day three on me getting my butt in gear and lose this baby weight.  But oh no, day two of being sick and it frickin sucks.  I’ve had a low fever of 99.6 this entire time.  It’s been as low as 99.4, but that has really been the only change.  I can barely breath unless I stand and then they open the snot gates.  It’s not sexy by any means.  If I’m not sniffing, blowing my nose I’m coughing from the sinus drainage.  It’s a never ending cough, sniff, blow, chorus.

On a plus, I took a shower today.  I KNOW, insane and if you could have seen me yesterday and today, you’d be applauding at my triumph.  As soon as I was dressed I stumbled back to my new loves, the couch and the two thick and warm blankets waiting for me.  I feel for Bo, he has work to do this weekend, plus finish getting my laptop put together, and my old one ready for Bailey, plus he has a laptop for a relative to fix.  He’s been trying to do all of that while watching both kids, and taking care of my pathetic butt.  And now he’s says he’s starting to feel the sinus pressure.  Damnit three times.

My workout for today was taking a shower and getting dressed.  Considering I barely moved from the couch yesterday, that is a HUGE improvement.

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