Friday, January 01, 2010

Sniffle cough

I’m lying here on the couch, under two heavy blankets, and I’m still cold.  COLD COLD COLD.  Can you feel how cold?  Think blistery winds, snow spitting in your face, feet and hands so numb your not sure if they belong to you or not.  That cold.  Why am I this cold?  Cause I’m sick.  My forehead and face are throbbing with pressure.  My sinus’ are draining like Niagra Falls.  My throat is sore and raw feeling like I’ve been screaming non stop for the last 3 days.  Sick sick sick.

This couch and I have been fantabulous friends today.  I took a nap earlier while Jocelyn was asleep.  It was magical I kid you not.  Even though I was on the couch, under the blankets mentioned above, while Bo and Bailey worked on the laptops.  Still, it was magical.  Although I never fully woke up, and have stumbled around like a zombie ever since.

I mustn’t forget that I’m sore from yesterday.  Oh yeah Pathetic with a capital P.  So I feel like poo sickles, half awake, and my legs and arms malfunction with every move because of the red hot pain.  I am totally whining and moaning cause I feel like shit. 

Did I work out today?  Nope, and you know what I said to that voice that reminded me.  I’ll give you a hint, there was an F in the first word.

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