Sunday, February 28, 2010

Would you?

I do not judge people on anything; clothing, hairstyle, makeup, what car they drive or where they live.  I was taught its not my job to judge.  But there are times when you run across someone that in someway just blows your mind and you can’t help but think “OMG how scary/gross/funny/weird this person is”.  There is one such person for me that I cannot help myself but think something on those lines.

Ok GuacoMOLE is more like it.

There is a gentlemen in town who has a mole on his cheek.  Its not just any mole, its a mole the size of a small grape.  That alone isn’t so outrageous or grotesque.  I once had a mole on my neck that resembled a brown booger, so a mole has to be pretty damn nasty for me to even remember it.  This mole has hair growing out of it.  Again not so nasty since we all have body hair that grows in places we wish it wouldn’t. 

What makes this man stand out for me, is the hair growing out of that mole is BRAIDED AND CLOSE TO 4 INCHES LONG. 

Oh yeah you read that right.

The first time I ran across him it was a struggle not to look at it.  At that time, it wasn’t braided, so the hair just stuck straight out.  At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, and then he turned his head and I saw that he did indeed have long black hair sticking out of a giant mole.  Then at some point it became braided and laid down the side of his cheek.  The jury is still out on which way is crazier.

He’s a very nice man, but that mole can talk I swear.


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