Monday, February 22, 2010


Let’s see….I have a ton of stuff to do today before Mom and Dad bring Bailey home.  Yesterday on the way home I said to Bo that we can’t just come home and do nothing like always we have to do some cleaning so that today won’t be so bad.  And guess what happened?  NOTHING GOT DONE.

Now to be fair, my tummy was so not happy last night that Bo had to watch Jocelyn until her bedtime.  I stayed on the couch curled into a ball, under my blanket because any other movement was torture.  But he was working and such on his laptop instead of cleaning up stuff.  I couldn’t complain since I wasn’t able to do jack.  But now in the dim foggy morning light I’m looking around thinking SSSSHHHIIIIIITTTTTTT.

I could tell you each thing on my list to do but I’m sure no one really cares, not to mention its a long damn list and you’d probably fall over with exhaustion just reading it.  I have this thing, you know OCD and I cannot make a list without much detail and much planning and EVERYTHING must be covered.  It’s not just clean living room, its what needs to be cleaned, what needs to go where, what needs to be dusted or polished…see there I go.  And that is only a small peak into my list.

You trying do this with a toddler who wants to help, and who gets into everything making more of a mess, who can’t stand to be put in the play pen or her bouncy chair.  It’s torture.  It’s why I put it off until I have to or I have Bo for backup.  Ok so not the only reason why, I have a hard time picking where to start on projects because I see everything to do and can’t focus on one task at a time.  But hey it does help my procrastination.

I’m off to clean this pig pin.  Wish me luck that I can stay focused and Lil Miss Jocelyn doesn’t make things worse.

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